Where it all begins

For the Winery Severino Sand, land and vineyards are essencialsince the personality and the quality of our wines depends on it. Therefore, wecarry out works in our vineyards throughout the year, applying rigorous processesbased upon our knowledge and observation of the vineyards.

Our vineyard consists of about 12 acres of tempranillo vines, among which some are centuries old. Grapes grow in old vines pruned in glass and located at an altitude of 980 meters, deeply rooted in our land and our culture, which gives us a unique quality.

The harvest is done manually in small boxes and processed in the most delicate way in order to transform the genuine taste of nature in our wine. The high quality of our wines come from vineyards, being a true reflection of the soil, climate and tradition of our family


We are confident and proud that we have the perfect wine for you.


Would you like to know why our wines are so good? Here we tell you.


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