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Visit to the winery

Sanz Severino winery is a family winery with great tradition in winemaking. This winery offers an unforgettable experience through the process of winemaking, showing the traditional methods mixed with innovation in the preparation of Muron, Muron Oak, Heritage and Llanomingomez wines, among others.

The guided tour consists on a visit to the winery where you will discover how our great wines are made, what our philosophy is and what our origins are. Visitors can enjoy one of the biggest highlights of the visit and discover the ancient wine cellar, where you can admire an old draft and how wines are traditionaly obtained.

To conclude the visit, you will taste our wines in combination with snacks.

Types of visit

Basic tasting
9€per person
  • - Blanco albillo or Murón rosado (to choose)
  • - Murón Roble
Special red wines
12€per person
  • - Murón Joven
  • - Murón Autor
Tasting Selection
20€per person
  • - Murón Albillo or Rosado Alma de Severino
  • - Murón Limited edition
Tasting Severino Sanz
40€per person
  • - 2 white wines: Murón blanc+ Albillo
  • - 2 rose wines: Murón rosado + Alma de Severino
  • - 2 red wines: Murón Autor + Limited edition

Complete your visit

Visit Traditional Elaboration:

Includes a visit to a working Roman wine press and our extensive collection of wine press beams.

Price: 5€ Extra.

And for later…

If after the winery tour you want to enjoy the best Segovian style lamb try our special lamb menuwith salad and our wines. It’s an experience for your senses!

Places of interest

Aqueduct of Segovia

This impressive piece of engineering located in the city of Segovia is the most important symbol of the city. It was built between the second half of the first century and early second.

The aqueduct transports water from Fuente Fría river, situated in the nearby mountains, from the city in a region known as La Acebeda. It runs 15 km (9.3 mi) before arriving in the city.

It is a wonderful work that can not be missed.

The Hoces of Riaza River

The different routes to be performed within the Natural Park of Hoces del Río Riaza are interesting as well as other nearby areas of cultural or natural interest. You will find brochures of both the Natural Areas Network of Castilla y León and the Park House. The geomorphological features of this space, along with climate and soil type, condition flora and fauna as well as the various ecosystems in the Natural Park.

Within this Natural Park highlights the Griffon Vulture colony, one of the largest in Europe. These large carrion birds fly over our fields looking for food.

Chapel of San Martín del Casuar

This beautiful Romanesque chapel is in a very conspicuous place in the widening of one of the canyon.

The building, a basilica, shows a characteristic type of Romanesque architecture, with its single nave lifted in cofferdam masonry gable on the western gable, two doors on the north and south facades and masonry header section consists of chancel and apse semicircular.

It’s one of the nearby sights worth not miss.


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